6.43 – The Thanksgiving Special, Part 2

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The Geek Speak Show Thanksgiving Special continues with Lisa Downs’ Sam J. Jones documentary, Life After Flash. Then, the Countdown to The Force Awakens officially begins on The Geek Speak Show! First, you’ll hear Henry & Angel’s recap of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim from earlier this year. Then we go back to the day that will be long remembered: October 30, 2012. Listen to The Geek Speak Show’s (then) reactions to the news that George Lucas had sold Lucasfilm to Disney and that we’re getting an Episode VII. How close were we in what we hoped to see in Episode VII? SPOILER ALERT: We called J.J. being the director. Plus Henry & Angel’s Thanksgiving messages to all of the Geek Speak listeners.

6.42 – The Thanksgiving Special, Part 1

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On a special Thanksgiving two-parter, Henry & Angel play back some of their favorite episodes from this year. First up is Joshua Hoh, talking about his fan film, Star Trek Wars. Then, Julius Darius talks to Henry & Angel about a new Justice League book called Classics On Infinite Earths: The Justice League. Finally, the episode closes with Lev Grossman discussing The Magician’s Land and also The Magicians becoming a series on SyFy.

6.41 – The Demon In The Dark Awakens The Force

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Henry welcomes The Traveling Nerd, Lance Paul (@Lance_Paul) to this week’s episode to talk about The Superhero Fan Film Showcase he will be hosting on Saturday November 21st in Hollywood. Lance also gets into his inspirational journey to Hollywood and how he has been living the dream in front of and behind the cameras. Then director Letia Coulston (@ForewarnedFilms) calls in to discuss the premiere of her new Batman fan film, The Demon In The Dark. Letia is definitely a Fan Girl, and it comes out in this interview.


6.40 – A Trip Down The Paranormal Highway To The Plastic Galaxy

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On the first “Flashback” show for November, Henry gives a few announcements regarding The Geek Speak Show’s coverage of The Force Awakens release on December 18th and what you’ll be hearing on the show. Plus he gives all the info on how YOU can join Angel & him at San Diego Comic Con 2016! To bid Halloween 2015 one final farewell, Henry replays an interview with extraterrestrial investigator Chuck Zukowski, where he talks about the country’s most Haunted Highway. Finally, Brian Stillman comes on to talk about his documentary, Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys. Those of you who played with the original Kenner line of action figures, playsets, and lightsabers will get the nostalgia feels from this interview.

chuck-on-duty     plastic-galaxy-documentary

A November To Remember…

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…past episodes of The Geek Speak Show. While a few modifications are made to The Geek Speak Show’s command center, Henry will replay some interviews and segments from past episodes that encompass what The Geek Speak Show is about. You’ll hear Henry, Angel and special guest Rod Faulkner (from The 7th Matrix.com) discuss the legacy of Leonard Nimoy days after his passing, Huston Huddleston discussing both the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum and the new Hollywood Horror Museum, Brian Stillman, director of Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys, filmmaker Rob McCallum discussing Nintendo Quest with Angel, and , with The Force Awakens just weeks away, we’ll play back our reactions to The Announcement from October 30, 2012.  Plus some other geekily awesome interviews to listen to on your way to where ever you’ll be spending Thanksgiving.


The 2015 Halloween Epiosde

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Due to technical issues in the Geek Speak studio, the scheduled guests for the Halloween episode weren’t able to appear. That didn’t stop Henry from replaying an interview with paranormal investigator Jeff Dwyer and also a replay from a couple of years ago from the then Geek Speak on air crew and their personal paranormal experiences. Plus, a Halloween-themed pick for the Book Club


6.39 – The 2015 Halloween Show